Our Ideas Book will help you get your travel photos out of your camera and into your daily life.

When I first sat down to start writing my first book, I had a general idea that I wanted to write something about enhancing memories, remembering my travel experiences and not neglecting those amazing photographs that were taken along the way.

Year after year, my Facebook feed would resurrect a memory from years gone by- a quick fleeting memory and then it was gone again. Occasional sparks of joy I called them……remember that time you climbed a mountain and then hit the shop there for a souvenir…. remember that time you hung out at a spa resort in Mexico for your anniversary…… remember that time when you fed the lamas roadside in South America. Little sparks of joy-Hey remember this…. and then they were gone.

So many memories, amazing experiences locked away in cyberspace, drip feeding joy to me, every once in a while. Such a waste. Memories needs to be revisited as often as you can, I thought. I sat there wishing there was a way to stop the drip feeding so I could bathe in the memories for longer.

That’s when the inspiration for my book finally came to me, as I sat looking at my loungeroom walls and all my creative endeavours over the years that were on visual display in that room. I sat in my lounge room and I can see the poster I made of that Mexican Resort. I see the original artworks that I collected on the wall we dedicated to our travels. My laptop opens and I see the Italian Fort where I dined at sunset. My calendar fills over each month to remind me of fun times and my phone shows my next destination, to remind me of why I am working so hard.

Inspiration for my book surrounded me. My creative endeavours helped to expand my travel memories on a daily basis…. and so wouldn’t it be great if other people did the same.

And so the title of my book was born… Expand YOUR travel memories with creative pursuits.

I am immensely proud of this book. It is full of ideas of how you can get your photos out of your camera and into your daily life. Frame them, hang them on string with pegs, upload them as screensavers, cut them up and make them into collage masterpieces, just to name a few ideas that fill this 80 page book. There are simple easy tasks, challenging tasks, inspirational tasks and super challenges- so basically an idea for every person’s craft ability.

If this sounds interesting to you, do visit my Amazon listing HERE – there is a black and white version of the book and a full vivid color version that is ideal as a gift.